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Short Story Day Africa, Goethe Institut announce ID Flow Workshop Participants

Short Story Day, Goethe Institut have announced participants to take part in ID Flow Workshop across the continent. The workshops will be facilitated by Efemia Chela, Rachel Zadok, Agazit Guramayle, Anne Moraa, Dzekashu MacViban, Sharon Kasanda.

In April 2017, Short Story Day Africa in partnership with the Goethe-Institut invited submissions from writers who would attend a series of one day workshops across the continent. The workshops would happen in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya, Windhoek in Namibia, Yaoundé in Cameroon, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and Kigali in Rwanda.

The team at Short Story Day and the Goethe Institut have announced those who will be taking part in the workshops to happen over the next few months. Here is the full list of names and those who will be facilitating them.


Facilitator: Efemia Chela

Efemia Chela
Efemia Chela
  • Gaamangwe Mogami
  • Michael Yee
  • Anthea Paelo
  • Nokhuthali Zondo
  • Nomandla Ndwandwe
  • Nosibusiso Cele
  • Shannon Hopkins
  • Jeannette Motsu
  • Itumeleng Molefi
  • Kylin Lotter
  • Keletso Mopai


Cape Town

Facilitator: Rachel Zadok

Rachel Zadok
Rachel Zadok
  • Nigel Patel
  • Charles King
  • Philomène
  • Lester Walbrugh
  • Ettienne Short
  • Linda Daniels
  • Linda Markovina
  • Hein Kleinbooi
  • Tebogo Bore
  • Kingsley Ndenge
  • Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe

Addis Ababa

Facilitators: Agazit Guramayle and Rachel Zadok

Rachel Zadok
Rachel Zadok
  • Kalkidan Getnet
  • Billene Seyoum Woldeyes
  • Jovia Apio
  • Tom Mwiraria
  • Hanna Haile
  • Heran T. Abate
  • Anatoli Bulti
  • Tihut Tilahun
  • Lidet Tadesse
  • Hamdiya A. Ahmed
  • Helina Ligyetu
  • Hiwot Abebe Masresha


Facilitator: Anne Moraa

Anne Moraa
Anne Moraa
  • Troy Onyango
  • Maureen Wambui
  • Elizabeth Kitego
  • Precious Colette Kemigisha
  • Harriet Anena
  • P Ochieng Ochieng
  • Carey Baraka
  • Aleya Kassam
  • Stephanie Wanga
  • Mwende Ngao
  • Tessy Aura
  • Beverly Akoya Ochieng


Dzekashu MacViban
Dzekashu MacViban

Facilitator: Dzekashu MacViban

  • Agogho Franklin
  • Jude Achiageonzoh Fonchenalla
  • Julius Angwah Mboh
  • Tekumafor Gabriel
  • Monique Kwachou
  • Makendi Christine Leslie Meya
  • Emediong Francis Boniface
  • Bengono Essola Edouard
  • Jocelyne T. Tendop
  • Divine M. Mbutoh
  • Murielle Wonja-Ngueah


Facilitator: Sharon Kasanda

Sharon Kasanda
Sharon Kasanda
  • Lizette Feris
  • Mutaleni Nadimi
  • Filemon Iiyembo
  • Anna Handiya
  • Lynn Komu
  • Masiyaleti Mbewe
  • Hugh Ellis
  • Namendji Yarona
  • Nailoka Mhanda,
  • Rodney Gariseb,
  • Louisa Beukes
  • Beauty Boois


2 responses to “Short Story Day Africa, Goethe Institut announce ID Flow Workshop Participants”

  1. Hanna avatar

    I feel sad, that i was not prevailedged to be part of the workshop😖. But in life what one should learn is that what hits you hard is not that you are not incapable, but the chances of you winning and losing is 50/50. Am just 17 and am sure more opportunities of this kind will knock on my door soon, love Young Namibian.

    1. James Murua avatar
      James Murua

      I would’t sweat it if I was you. The African literary scene is just starting to make its voice felt. There is space for those in it and for many more for many years to come.

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