Taiye Selasi

Taiye Selasi to judge revolutionary new reality show

The Italians have a new reality show called The Masterpiece. The show is a play on the shows that we are all familiar with like Big Brother. In this version of the show, aspiring authors vie at literary challenges until one contestant wins a major book deal.
The new show has three judges, one of whom is a writer that follows African literature will be familiar with Ghanaian/Nigerian Taiye Selasi. Speaking to the New York Times about the new show, Selasi explains that she was initially apprehensive to take part in the new show.

She also explains that; “The Masterpiece won’t necessarily identify the best new author in Italy. It seeks only the best of those who dare participate. And a little daring is required to succeed in writing.”

Should we be talking to our TV stations, SABC, KBC, ZTV, UBS, NBC, GBC et al to have our own writers fight for a book deal? We have been seeing a debate on the interwebs about who would be the possible contestants from Africa and its been fun.






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