Thando Mgqolozana novel “A Man Who Is Not A Man” out as e-book today.

Thando Mgqolozana novel “A Man Who Is Not A Man” out as e-book today.

Thando Mgqolozana’s novel A Man Who Is Not A Man, published by Cassava Republic Press, is out as an e-book today, June 17, 2020.

In 2009, University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press published a novel from South African Thando Mgqolozana called A Man Who Is Not A Man. The novel had the following blurb;

A Man Who Is Not A Man recounts the personal trauma of a young Xhosa initiate after a rite-of-passage circumcision goes wrong. With frankness and courage, this powerful novel details the pain and lifelong shame this protagonist experiences as a result not only of the physical trauma, but the social ostracism from being labelled ‘a failed man.’ He decodes the mysteries of this long-standing cultural tradition and calls to account the elders for the disintegrating support systems that allow such tragic outcomes. But it is also through this life-changing experience that the protagonist is forced to find his strength and humanity and reassess what it really means to be a man.

It was a successful debut with readers raving about this exciting new voice in South African writing. He went on to write Hear Me Alone in 2011 (our review) and Unimportance in 2014 (our review) cementing himself as one of South Africa’s most respected writers. He was also in the team that wrote the screenplay for award-winning, Oscar-nominated movie Inxeba showing his versatility as a writer. In the last few years, he has gotten continental fame as the founder of the Abantu Book Festival which runs annually in Soweto, South Africa.

In 2019, Nigerian publisher Cassava Republic Press acquired international rights for A Man Who Is Not A Man. With edits and a new cover, a book tour across cities like London, Lagos, and New York was set for May 2020. Then Covid-19 happened meaning movement to promote the book wasn’t possible. Its potential new readers now have to make do with the book which is currently available as an e-book until it is possible for the author to visit your city.

Speaking about the big day Mgqolozana said on Twitter, “probably my proudest publishing moment. Thank you, @BibiBakareyusuf and the @CassavaRepublic team. It has been a long journey filled with unforeseen obstacles. Thanks for keeping the dream alive. Y’all, go get your e-book, RT etc. Love.”

If you want to check out this wonderful book please click here.


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