The 2023 International Literary Seminars (ILS) callout.

The 2023 International Literary Seminars (ILS) callout.

International Literary Seminars (ILS) in collaboration with Jahazi Press is awarding full fellowships to four talented, emerging East African creative writers & poets. The fellowships will cover tuition, travel, and accommodation for the three recipients. These merit-based fellowships are designed for upcoming writers who are looking to grow their writing skills with the guidance of an experienced ILS faculty and a community of peer writers.

ILS 2023 will feature:

  • An intensive series of craft development sessions and in situ writing exercises led by Polina Barskova, and Josip Novakovich.
  • Manuscript-based workshops where participants review each other’s work and receive targeted feedback from Billy Kahora and Dawn Raffel in Fiction, and Kaveh Akbar and Mildred Kiconco Barya in Poetry.
  • Lectures and discussions with prominent authors such as Mikhail Iossel, Billy Kahora, Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, Idza Luhumyo, and an editor of Fence, to be announced.

The full list of faculty can be viewed online at:

ILS 2023 will launch in Nairobi where participants will interact with local and international writers as well as attend readings by core faculty members and guests. This will be followed by a week of writing workshops in Lamu.

All East African applicants will automatically be entered into the 2023 ILS Fiction Contest and considered for publishing in Yolk and Fence magazines. This will also be a unique opportunity to listen to New Yorker editor, Deborah Treismann and acclaimed short story writer, George Saunders.

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