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The new Voices Ile-Ife anthology call out

Voices is an anthology of contemporary art and literature emerging from Africa, yet not promoting only Africa or African voices.

The good people from Voices currently doing an anthology they call The Ife Issue. Ile-Ife is an ancient Yoruba town in Southwestern Nigeria, Osun State. Also known as Ife, the town is renowned for its place in Yoruba folk myth as the traditional home of Yoruba civilization and doubles as a holy city of humankind. It boasts of art and culture and rich history that stands it out as one of the most desirable archaeological sites in Southwestern Nigeria. These exquisite characteristics of the small city peppered with mysteries ignite the interest to debut this anthology with this place- Ife.

We are accepting submissions from all over on the theme of ‘Ife’. We believe in the concept of borderlessness, that everyone can talk about every place, especially through art and literature, and we want to reach every one in every place with the stories and pictures and arts of Ife as well.

All submissions must explore, reveal and / or revolve around the place ‘Ife’.

They will be accepting compelling and atypical short fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, poetry, photography, art, and conversations. Your deadline is September 15th.

For more information visit www.voiceslitanth.blogspot.com/2015/07/voices-anthology-of-contemporary-art.html






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