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Two Kenyans on announced Kwani Manuscript prize shortlist

The Kwani Trust was started a over decade ago to ensure that literature from this part of the world grew. Their latest attempt at this is the Kwani Manuscript Prize supported by Lambent Foundation and Ford Foundation which saw those who entered get a chance to win the following prizes;

1st Prize: 300 000 KShs (equivalent to $3500)

2nd Prize: 150 000 KShs

3rd Prize: 75 000 KShs

The shortlisted books had been given without their names but now we have the identities with the latest announcement and the people on the list include;

  1. Ayobami Adebayo, Stay with Me (Nigeria) 

  2. Ayesha Harruna Attah, Saturday’s People (Ghana / US)

  3. Stanley Gazemba, Ghettoboy (Kenya)

  4. Toni Kan, The Carnivorous City (Nigeria) 

  5. Timothy Kiprop Kimutai, The Water Spirits (Kenya) 

  6. Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, The Kintu Saga (Uganda / UK)

  7. Saah Millimono, One Day I Will Write About This War (Liberia)

As you can see there are two Kenyans on this list; Stanley Gazemba and Timothy Kiprop Kimutai. Stan has published 2 novels, The Stone Hills of Maragoli (a recipient of the Jomo Kenyatta Prize and re-issued by Kwani Trust in 2009) and Khama. He has also several short stories. Timothy Kiprop Kimutai on the other hand participates in creative writing workshops with Amka Space, a writing forum provided by the Goethe Institute in Nairobi.

We wish these two the best in the awards. And if they don’t win we won’t be weeping as the other folks are Africans too. For instance, the Liberian’s book One Day I will write about this war reminds me of Binyavanga Wainaina’s tome One Day I will write about this place. And The Carnivorous city reminds me of Kenya’s most popular meat place The Carnivore. And The Kinti Saga reminds me of that excellent column by Angela Kintu that comes in The Weekend Star every Saturday. And Stay with me reminds me of… Well… Nothing for now but still…


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