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Writivism Short Story Prize 2017 longlist announced

Twenty African writers have made the cut for the Writivism Short Story Prize 2017 longlist announced earlier today.

The Writivism Short Story Prize celebrates writers from the African continent of prose from the last year. The prize which was born on the back of the Writivism initiative in 2012 would give winners US$500 and more goodies. Previous winners of the prize include Ugandan Acan Innocent in 2016, NIgerian Pemi Aguda in 2015 (Nigeria), 2014: South African Saaleha Idrees Bamjee in 2014, and Ugandan Anthea Paelo in 2013.

The next generation of would be winners of the Writivism Short Story Prize 2017 were announced earlier today by the judges. The panel is chaired by Helon Habila and includes Sumayya Lee, Edwidge Dro, Haruna Ayesha Attah and Emmanuel Sigauke selected the following writers and their stories to being our top 20. The list of writers come from all over the continent with a large majority coming from English speaking Africa.

  1. Ollier Lemvo Dondedieu Richtel (Congo Brazzaville)
  2. Ama Udofa (Nigeria)
  3. Andrew Dakalira (Malawi)
  4. Blessing Christopher (Nigeria)
  5. Derek Lubangakene (Uganda)
  6. Eloghosa Osunde (Nigeria)
  7. Ife Olujuyigbe (Nigeria)
  8. Joel Ntwatwa (Uganda)
  9. John Lighthouse Oyewale (Nigeria)
  10. Keletso Mopai (South Africa)
  11. Kyle Allan (South Africa)
  12. Maureen Wakarindi (Kenya)
  13. Munachim Amah (Nigeria)
  14. Precious Colette Kemigisha (Uganda)
  15. Rafeeat Aliyu (Nigeria)
  16. Stephanie Wanga (Kenya)
  17. Suya Davies Okungbowa (Nigeria)
  18. Tariro Ndoro (Zimbabwe)
  19. Saaleha Bhamjee (South Africa)
  20. Regine Gwaldys Lebouda (Cameroun)

The shortlist will be announced ahead of the 5th annual Writivism Festival at which the winner will be announced. The shortlisted writers are usually flow in to Kampala where we shall see the next big name in African literature being revealed hopefully.


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