Yejide Kilanko with her novella Chasing Butterflies.

Yejide Kilanko sophomore offering Chasing Butterflies for February 22

Yejide Kilanko sophomore offering, a novella called Chasing Butterflies, will be available for purchase from February 22, 2018. Her debut novel was Daughters who walk this path.

We recently featured Nigerian writer, poet and therapist in children’s mental health Yejide Kilanko who was one of the judges for the GT Bank sponsored The Dusty Manuscript Project. Kilanko first made a splash with her debut offering Daughters Who Walk This Path (2012), endorsed by Chika Unigwe and E.C.Osondu was published by Penguin. The novel was described thus;

“Morayo grows up surrounded by school friends and family in busy, modern-day Ibadan, Nigeria. An adoring little sister, their traditional parents, and a host of aunties and cousins make Morayo’s home their own. So there’s nothing unusual about her charming but troubled cousin Bros T moving in with the family. At first Morayo and her sister are delighted, but in her innocence, nothing prepares Morayo for the shameful secret Bros T forces upon her.

Her second offering was a novella Chasing Butterflies which was published in 2015 by Worldreader. A second edition of the novella will be published through the writer’s indie press, Ayoka Books, and Quramo Publishing Limited available for purchase from February 22, 2018. The writer has described the book thus;

I’ve heard several writers say writing a book description can be quite challenging. I agree. It’s hard summarizing thousands of words into a few paragraphs without giving away the story.

I remember coming across an article about the importance of condensing your story into one sentence. Just in case you have to give an elevator pitch. I could run into Oprah at the dollar store while she’s deciding on her next book club pick.

I’ll be upfront. Brevity is not one of my virtues. I’m a, “once upon a time, from the land beyond beyond, two princess dragons moonlighting as personal shoppers, grew tired of genetically modified meat and decided to become vegetarians,” kind of narrator.

This is my elevator pitch for CHASING BUTTERFLIES. “A contemporary novel about a Nigerian woman living with a manbaby who never learnt how to keep his hands and feet to himself.”

Quite sophisticated, eh?

This description feel like a good enough reason to try out the new book? Of course it does! Here is your link from February 22nd.



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