YouTube Videos from the Storymoja Festival 2015

So I have finally uploaded all the videos that I took at the Storymoja Festival 2015 that happened this month. The videos were taken over a two day period on the Saturday and Saturday with a Samsung J7 which I am still learning how to use. Therefore the quality of the videos isn’t world class but I believe that they still need to be out there. They include Dr Auma Obama, Dr Jacqueline McGlade, Dami Ajayi, Emmanuel Iduma, Lizzy Attree, Jama Musse Jama, Donald Molosi, Namwali Serpell, Michela Wrong, John Sibi-Okumu and Beverley Nambozo.

Apologies for some of the glitches and enjoy.



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  1. […] We all love Donald on this side of the pond. Many of us were introduced to him at Writivism Festival earlier in the year when he did performances of his Philly Lutaaya play to mad applause. He followed on with the same performances in Nairobi at the Storymoja Festival. […]

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