Tell Your Own Story Awards 2019 shortlists

Zambia’s Tell Your Own Story Awards 2019 shortlists announced.

The shortlists for Zambia literary competition the Tell Your Own Story Awards 2019 were announced on May 3, 2019.

The Tell Your Own Story Literary Awards were founded in 2015 from the radio show “Tell Your Own Story” that runs on UNZA Radio that covers Zambian literary activity. The awards, an initiative of Concept Developers Initiatives through its partnership with Unza Radio, were meant to facilitate in the growth of the reading and writing culture in Zambia. Since then the awards have featured dozens of authors, publishers, book reviewers and also institutions promoting the reading and writing culture in Zambia. In 2018 writers like Ingrid Nayame, Joe Sakala and David Kashiki were crowned the best in Zambia.

The competition this year was organised by Concept Developers Initiative (CDI) and the Zambian Association of Literacy (ZALIT) with support from Butali House, Unza Radio, The WishBox Technologies Nomads Courtyard Hotels, and Resalu College.

The shortlists were announced in  the categories of Fiction, Short stories, Fantasy, Nonfiction, Business, Motivation, Upcoming, Romance, Religious, Book of the year, Creative writing, and Poetry which are a good indicator of what is happening in the literary scene of the Southern African nation.

Those shortlists in the different categories are;

Fiction Category

  • Mweo Kandolo-The Election.
  • Freeman Mwenge-Final Attempt.
  • Uncle Sam-Poison of Love.
  • Perrykent Nkole -Birds of Different Feathers

Short stories category

  • Jacob M’hango-Curse of the Fig
  • Uncel Sam-He is my Mother
  • Peter Mukuma-No Melanin

Fantasy Category

  • Carol Tiyelesa Phiri-The Island of Nomu.
  • Peter Roque Mbulo-Mother of Light

Nonfiction Category

  • Paul Mvula, The Zambia I Hope for
  • William Kangwa, The Power of Discovery.
  • Mwiza Bwali, In Awe we Stare.
  • Timothy Mulenga Sapato, Awake for Governance.

Business Category

  • Chisanga Gabriel-Battles for Financial Health
  • Dominic Kapalu-The Financial Fitness System
  • Dina M.S Nchenese-My Career Choice

Motivation Category

  • Felix Mwansa-Living a Purposeful Life.
  • Pelekelo I. Mwiya-7 Steps to Excellence.
  • Irvin Siyazombo-The Secret of Scoring Distinctions

Best Upcoming Category

  • Prince Stubaeto, A leader in a Leader.
  • Perrykent Nkole, The Black Baloon.
  • Timothy Mulenga Sapato, The Pain of African Woman.
  • Mwiza Bwali, In Awe we.
  • Stewart Luunga & Anna Chanda, Pragiarism of Personality.

Best Romance Category

  • Jimmy Kanzobya, Dusk
  • Augustine Katayi, The Pursuit of a Life Partner

Best Religious Category

  • Lewis Shikapwasha, When Eagles Face Storms.
  • Barnabas Chiboboka, A journey with God when Life Hurts.
  • Chilando Kanyanta, Keys to operating in God’s Anointing.
  • Chifumbe Kapenya, 11 Things God Never Said.
  • Daniel Katongo Lumpa, The Abiding Branch.
  • Edify Hampande, The Two Roads of Life.

Book of the year category

  • Freeman Musenge, Final Attempt.
  • Uncle Sam, Poison of Love.
  • Mweo Kandolo, The Election .

Best Creative writing

  • Perrykent Nkole, Birds of Different Feathers.
  • Carol Tiyelesa Phiri, The Island of Nomu.
  • Jacob M’hango, Curse of the Fig.
  • Naonga, When a Man Loves a woman.

Best Poetry Category

  • Kangwa Mumba, If you Relate.
  • Musenga Katongo, Memento Mori.
  • Friday Hamamba Hanene, The Maiden Voice.
  • Kapondeni Manasseh Phiri, The Rhythm of the Heart.
  • Reuben Phiri, The Taste of Beauty.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Mulungushi Conference Centre, Lusaka on May 31.







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