Zambia’s Tell Your Own Story National Book Awards 2020 shortlist announced.

The shortlist for Zambia’s Tell Your Own Story National Book Awards 2020 were announced in Lusaka, Zambia on May 3, 2020.

The Tell Your Own Story Literary Awards were founded from the UNZA Radio show “Tell Your Own Story” that covers Zambian literary activity in 2015. The awards, an initiative of Concept Developers Initiatives through its partnership with Unza Radio, were meant to facilitate the growth of the literary culture in Zambia. Since then the awards have featured dozens of authors, publishers, book reviewers and also institutions promoting reading and writing in Zambia. In 2018 writers like Ingrid Nayame, Joe Sakala and David Kashiki were crowned the best in Zambia. In 2019, Freeman Mwenge, Mweo Kondolo and other writers won in a raft of categories.

The competition this year is organised by Concept Developers Initiative (CDI) and the Zambian Association of Literacy (ZALIT) with support from African Agribusiness Network, Unza Radio, Gideon Robert University, and Resalu College.

The shortlists for the 2020 edition of the awards have been announced in several categories. They are;

1. Mweo Kondolo, The Catalogue
2. Mazuba Mwiinga, The Seminarist
3. Preston Mwiinga, Wrath of the gods
4. Mubanga Kalimamukwento, The Mourning Bird
5. Memory H. Chanda, Unhinged
6. Samuel Zulu, Irresistible Don’t Touch

1. Mashebe I. Ngula, Be Phenomenal
2. Lubasi Malindi Jr Paul, The rise of Warran Hamusunga
at Unza

3. Preston Mwiinga, The Mailoni Brothers
4. Felix Mwansa, My Chartered Accountancy Journey
5. Shadreck M. Vumisa, True Leadership

1. Balewa Zyuulu, The I Am Factor
2. Rev. Isaac Robert Zimba III, Building a Christ-Centered
3. Lucas Salunda, Walk in the Spirit
4. Musonda Chikwekwe, When Heaven is Silent to your
5. Derrick Buluba, Revealing Christ
6. Mudenda Milandu Clive, Faith & Madness

1. Felix Mwansa, The 7 Principles of success
2. Mainga Simoonga, Deciding to be Great
3. Rodgers Muwela Silimwe, Life Teachers Life
4. Noah Mwewa, How I Made 150 in 150 days on Facebook
5. Raphael Abraham Mbewe, Change Brings Improvement
6. Francis Mwamba, Making Your Fist 100.0000

Book of the year
1. Mashebe I. Ngula, Be Phenomenal
2. Daniel N. Kabani, Be Irresistible
3. Clive- Start-Up Master PLAN
4. David Kashiki, The Call that Saved my Life
5. Pelekelo I. Mwiya, When the Great One’s Fall
6. Mubanga Kalimamukwento, The Mourning Bird

Children’s Book
1. Tione Ndhlovu, From the eyes of Jesus
2. Aliness Phiri, Tabo & Friends

Best Creative Writing
1. Samuel Zulu, Irresistible don’t touch
2. Mweo Kondolo, Fame & Money
3. David Lungu, Omara the forgotten Princess
4. Given Lukwesa, A Zig-Zag Lifestyle of a Man
5. Manson Mutumba, Operation White Elephant

Best Selling
1. David Kashiki, A Call That Saved My LIFE
2. Mashebe I. Ngula, Be Phenomenal
3. Francis Mwamba, Making your First 100.000

Best Young Writer
1. Dora Kashimbi Miyato, Blossom
2. Jessica Kabondo,  A-Teens Muddle
3. Salifyanji Simwanza, Chidera

1. Reuben Phiri, Dream like a child
2. Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe, My confessional Letters
3. Wakakuholesanga Chisolo, Memoirs of Africa

1. Jessica Kabondo, Brandy
2. Jackson Siuluta, Mashed Love
3. Salifyanji Simwanza, Chidera
4. Harrison Ngulube, The Great Account of Life
5. Goli Banda, Thrones of Division
6. Noah Mwewa, My Open Letters to young people
7. Victoria Kasuba, Defying Culture with a Nyau
8. Mulenga B. Michael, Umulembwe wacipuba
9. Emmanuel Chama-You Are

The winners will be announced on May 30, 2020.


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  1. Clive milandu mudenda avatar
    Clive milandu mudenda

    Thank you so really humbled that I will take part in this year’s contest

  2. Isaac Zimba avatar
    Isaac Zimba

    I am grateful that I am taking part in thos year’s Tell Your Own Story National Book Award.

  3. Mubanga Chipalo avatar
    Mubanga Chipalo

    Please indicate the website and an email for tell your own story.

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